Family Members:  NYT3X-25W,  NYT3X-75W and NYT3X-144W


NYT3X Series drive/controllers are full featured 3 axis machine controls which use Technosoft Motion Control plug-in modules.

Technology Overview

  • For Brushless and DC brushed Servo, Hybrid Servo, /256 Microstep and Linear Brushless motors with up to 144 Watts (rms) output per axis.
  • NYT-AP Embedded CPU:ATMEGA 128 with NYT-AP Firmware Version 2.30 +.
  • PIM and iPOS Modules use a proprietary MotionChip™ device based on Texas Instruments TMS320C Series Digital Signal Processor devices.
  • NYT Series drive/controls have a user and C++ / LabView friendly front-end microcontroller offering expandable analog and digital IO, stored program and PLC functionality to support standalone machine control.
  • NYT Series OEM Drive/Controls operate in distributed, multi-axis host control mode with C++, VB and National Instruments LabVIEW programs interacting with the NYT-AP CPU or in pass-through mode with individually addressed PIM modules and module groups to execute complex motion and machine control programs.
  • NYT-AP firmware includes standalone microscopy, well plate & auto-sampling, vision / inspection and general purpose 1 – 3 axis, 2 – 5 button joystick control. The NYT-AP instruction set is ideally suited for quick integration into LabVIEW, C++ or VB applications.

NYT3X Series Advantages

  • Mix and match multiple motor types (Dc Servo, Brushless Servo, Hybrid Servo and /256 microstepping) on NYT3X carrier boards.
  • The Hybrid Servomotor option is unique and extremely useful in a myriad of lab-automation and small motor microscopy and microfluidics applications.Industry standard Size 8, 11, 14, 17 and 23 encoded step motors and linear actuators can be driven in operated in hybrid (2-phase) servo mode. Open loop, microstepping applications using Haydon, Kocomotion or A-M-P linear actuators and Lin Engineering, A-M-P and Moons’ rotary step motors can be upgraded to servo applications by switching to encoded versions of the same motors.Performance increases while audible noise, lost steps and resonance issues disappear.
  • Torque (servo) mode operation allows highly repeatable, home-on-a-hard-stop homing.
  • Conventional Brushed and Brushless DC servomotors operate side-by-side with hybrid servomotors and /256 microstep applications. The user interface, stored programs and C++/LabView operations are identical.

Contact Denis Sullivan, Chief Engineer for a live, remote desktop demonstration.  sales@nymotion.com

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