Auto Samplers - Plate Samplers - Inspection Stages - IP67 Multi-Axis Drive/Control Boxes -  Microscope Stages - JoyStick Drive/Controls - Joy Stick Drive/Controller Retrofits (Karl Suss) - Large Format, Three Axis Gantry Systems

OEM Subassemblies are designed and manufactured in the Pacific NW using MIC6 machine bases, precision linear ball guide or plane bearings, /256 microstepping and hybrid servo rotary and linear actuators with NYT Series Plug-In Series drive/controllers.  

Nymotion Subassemblies are proudly designed and manufactured in America.

Example production and subassembly prototypes are pictured below.  We would be pleased to offer a unique subassembly that meets your specific needs.  


Multi-axis drive/controls & motion subassemblies for OEM machine builders